In Bloom // Sankofa Village Community Garden

July 8, 2020
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Hello! Anthem’s Creative Director, Lexi, here.

We recently rebooted our series, ‘In Bloom,’ where we interview the people who make urban community gardens possible. This year, we’re focusing on gardens that offer more than a space to grow plants — from starting programs + classes for children to donating produce to the elderly members of the community.

In this video, we interviewed the CEO + Founder of the Sankofa Village Community Garden, Vikki Ayanna Jones. She explains the difference between food deserts + food apartheid.

A quote from the interview that really sticks out to me is, “We don’t call them deserts anymore because a desert is a natural occurrence. But not having food in a community is not a natural occurrence. It’s man-made.”

She’s right. Food deserts don’t just happen — they are created. And Jones took it on herself to create a way to not only feed her community, but also to teach her community how to feed itself.

Check out the video here!


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