Meet Robert Morales

January 16, 2020
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So in the Summer of last year (2019), Anthem had the opportunity to work with NeighborWorks America, a congressionally-chartered non-profit that supports and advocates for community development, and affordable housing, all across the US and Puerto Rico. They were founded in 1978 right here in Pittsburgh’s North Side, by a grassroots community organizer by the name of Dorothy Mae Richardson.

In recognition of her work, NeighborWorks bestows the Dorothy Richardson Award for Resident Leadership to a handful of inspiring + dedicated community leaders. This video covers the work of Robert Morales, a leader in Peurto Rico working directly with members of the population experiencing homelessness, and struggling with substance abuse. The impact Robert has on his community was evident simply by the interactions we had with people we met walking around. Check out the video, and make sure to visit the NeighborWorks website if you’d like to get involved in the work they’re doing both in Pittsburgh and throughout the country.


Shot by: Stephen Kraus

Second Shooter + Special Thanks: Cristian Miranda

Edited by: Zack Williams

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