Free Verse // Mandy Seiner

January 14, 2020
Posted in Stories

Howdy, y’all. It’s Lexi, Anthem’s Creative Director, back with some spicy new content. Recently I started an Anthem original series all about poetry called, ‘Free Verse.’

Essentially, I’m recording local Pittsburgh poets reading one of their poems and creating a video for it. My dearest friend, Mandy Seiner, kicked us off with her incredible poem, ‘“Why do you have so many Fish?’”

Although Mandy currently resides in Brooklyn, New York, she was born and raised in Pittsburgh and says ‘yinz’ and talks about ketchup a lot, so I say she counts. What else can I say about dear old Mandy? She’s a Sagittarius, her twitter makes me and a whole lotta people laugh, and she’s really into the Twilight Zone.

Mandy’s poem, ‘“Why do you have many Fish?’” plays with a question a child asked during a Q&A at the New England Aquarium and spirals into something much deeper. Check it out on Vimeo and let us know which Pittsburgh poet you want to see next!

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