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April 4, 2019

Dean Bog, our Creative Director, started this series in November 2018. Staying on the bus for a few hours, he interviews a myriad of people from diverse backgrounds, getting their opinions on topics from gun violence to musical artists. Look at what he has to say about this episode below:

“The bus is this microcosm of Pittsburgh that I find so fascinating. If you’re open to conversation on the bus (with or without a camera) its really an excellent place to meet a wide variety of people.

I’m someone who can get pretty down on myself easily, and something that always levels me out is talking to other people—especially strangers. It’s a sense of ‘Oh, we’re the same. You are also a person with thoughts and feelings. Some good and some bad.” It takes me out of my own world and lets me feel a bit closer to the truth.

There’s a quote that goes something like “Empathy is the ability to listen to someone, and without saying a word, make them feel understood.” Filming these videos is excellent empathy practice. A lot of times I get the best responses when I say nothing, and just let the person ramble.”

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