Chef Steve // The Urban Tap

April 4, 2019
Posted in Stories

Dean Bog, our Creative Director, interviewed Steve Urban, Head Chef at The Urban Tap. Here’s what Dean had to say:

“My senior year of college, I worked as a server at Urban Tap. I didn’t love the work, but I loved the people I worked with. Steve, one of the managers, was always able to keep things positive. What impressed me most about Steve was his consistency. It’’s easy to be nice and crack jokes when you feel like it. It’s not so easy when you’re dealing with one of life’s many hiccups or you’re just in a bad mood. Businesses need people like Steve. They need consistency. They need positivity.

I knew Steve’s charisma would come through on camera and showcase the warmth of the Urban Tap. It’s a hip place, but it has a familial side as well. If a restaurant doesn’t feel like a family, it fails.”


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