Kim’s Heart Story

February 23, 2019
Posted in Stories

“All of a sudden, this extreme wave of nausea came over me…when they did the cardiac cath, it showed a 99% blockage of my left main artery.” Discover how Kim Leo’s near-death experience changed her life above.

Kim Leo became an advocate for the American Heart Association after her life turned upside down in 2012; she experienced a massive heart attack and subsequent open heart surgery.

Since then, she is an avid promoter of healthy lifestyles. She participates in the Heart Walk, the American Heart Association’s biggest event in regards to raising money to reduce death from cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Within the United States, heart disease and stroke are the the no. 1 and 5 most common reasons for death. Around 610,000 Americans die every year, equating to 1 in 4 deaths.

Feel free to check out Kim Leo’s team and donation page here.


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